Hibernian Summer Games

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July 26th, 2021 - August 6th, 2021

Join the clan! Support SickKids!

Join the Hibernian Summer Games, help raise money for SickKids, and win cool prizes!


Through the event, HitGrab will be donating 10% of all sales of Clan O’Conall. Whether you’re playing for yourself or getting involved as a streamer fundraiser, you’re supporting research and treatment for children!

The Hibernian Summer Games are an initiative to raise money for this worthy cause with events and contests.  There’s also a double reward track, so it’s incredibly easy to get on board, win cool swag, and raise money for a cause that will help children all over the world.


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How to Get Started as a Fundraiser

  1. First off: a valid Twitch account is required to sign up for a StreamLabs Charity Team.
  2. Click the button to the side to register with our HitGrab Games Labs Charity Team.
  3. Once there, you can create a Campaign. This Campaign will be used to track your individual raises. If you are unable to create a Campaign, please feel free to Email us for help.
  4. You may also create a Team of your own. As long as your Fundraising goal is for The Hospital for Sick Children and we can track your raise, you’re also good to go!

A valid Twitch account is required to participate as a fundraiser. Your account will be used to track your overall amount raised and number of pledges. 

Rules of entry

  • An Entrant is considered one Twitch account. While multiple people may pass around your donation link, reward tracks only count towards the account entered in the contest.
  • Contest submissions can be made with a VoD link to either our contest email or tagged with @ClanOConall on Twitter.
  • All contest attempts must be made with an unmodified copy of Clan O’Conall. We reserve the right to deny any contest entries which we determine to be faked, either with game tools or editing software. 
  • Entries must be submitted on or prior to the date of the contest to count for prize selection.
  • Content Advisory – Please note that children and families will attend streams to show support for their favorite streamers and the cause in general. While we cannot ask you to control the content on your channel, we do ask you to be aware of these groups when raising and representing for a charity. We encourage a PG-style environment that’s welcoming to all and refrains from overly crude, offensive or shocking content.


Hit Funding Goals and win Big prizes!

Sign up as a fundraiser and win prizes for amount raised AND number of pledges!

clakshot-reward-display-330x768 Hibernian Summer Games

By Amount Raised

$100 Raised

Join the Haggish’s Helpers group +
A Banner and Fundraiser Page!

$250 Raised

Digital Background + SIgned Team Letter!

$400 Raised

Choose One – Clan Mug, Clan Print Poster, or Clan T-Shirt

$650 Raised

Take Another!  Add another Mug, Poster or Shirt!

$1,000 Raised

Round them off! Add another Mug, Poster or Shirt!

$1,500 Raised

Get Put in the Game as a Prisoner of Caoránach’s Cages, and join the in-game credits!

Top 3 Fundraisers

A LIMITED EDITION Haggish O’Conall Plushie! 

#1 Fundraiser

Be labeled Master of the Games in the Clan O’Conall In-Game Credits + A Custom Art piece of YOU in the Clan Style! 

By Total Pledges

10 Pledges

Get the Clan O’Conall Soundtrack 
(Free use on your channel!)

20 Pledges

Unlock additional game keys to give out to your audience! 
3 per 20 additional pledges!

40 Pledges

Add an additional T-Shirt, Mug or Poster to your reward! 

60 Pledges

A bonus giveaway of 10 keys for your channel.

100 Pledges

LIMITED EDITION Haggish O’Conall Plushie! + A Custom Clan Avatar

Top By Number of Pledges

LIMITED EDITION Haggish O’Conall Plushie! + A Custom Clan Avatar

Contest Days - Win Prizes by Competing in Events!

Compete in the following Contests, send us a Twitch VOD of the attempt, and win prizes + matched value for your reward track!

The Moldy Head Toss

dullahan-316x768 Hibernian Summer Games

Submit your Entry With the Button Below!

Contest Deadline: July 30th, 11:59PM EDT

The Dreaded Dullahan’s head is said to have the consistency and smell of Moldy Cheese. Something so pungent and foul can’t be allowed to roam free!

Put the Dullahan back in his place by defeating him under the following Conditions:

Defeat the Dullahan without being Hit

Get $30 match from HitGrab put into your Donation Track!

Defeat the Dullahan - No Hits *OR* Swaps

Get $50 match from HitGrab put into your Donation Track!

No Hits or Swaps - Fastest Clear

The Fastest clear of Dullahan with NO Hits, NO Deaths, and NO Swaps that’s submitted before the Contest end date will also win:

  • A Clan O’Conall Mug, T-Shirt or Poster of their Choice,
  • A $100 Cash Prize!

Rules of Entry

  • For No Swaps, you are allowed to swap to your chosen character prior to hitting Dullahan. Once Dullahan is activated, however, no Swaps are allowed.
  • One submission per Twitter account.
  • Normal or Hard mode only.
  • Character Swap Pause is allowed for a No-Hit attempt, but obviously would not be allowed in a No-Swap attempt.
  • Attempts must be submitted as a Twitter VOD or Youtube upload.
  • In-Game Speedrun Timer or personal Timers are both allowed for Fastest Clear attempts, but please make sure the recording time is visible in your video. Please also include the Level Completion Screen in your video, as this makes it very easy to confirm your timer!