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Coming to Nintendo Switch on June 2nd!

“Excellent use of lore within
art & storytelling”

– Ubisoft Indie Series Jury

Set in the land of Hibernia, Clan O’Conall: The Crown of the Stag is a 2D, art-led puzzle-platformer featuring iconic settings from the first millenium. Battle the demonic hordes of Caoranach with blade, bow, and fist to save your Father in this artistic action-platformer experience.

Quickly swap your heroes on the fly to overcome the mysterious and horrifying wilds of Hibernia.

Will you bring peace to this ancient land and save your family?

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Dynamic Character Swaps

Whether you’re on the ground or in the air you’ll need to quickly change between the warrior, the archer, and the brute to maximise the effectiveness of each character’s special abilities to tackle increasingly challenging obstacles and villains.


Explore Celtic Lore

Discover the nearly unknown world of Celtic mythology as you wander through the fantastical landscapes full of supernatural beings including the Sluagh: spirits of the restless dead, and Aos Sí: supernatural spirits like elves and fairies.
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Legendary Visual Style

A style inspired by manuscript illustration and ancient Celtic design, combined with modern graphic styles of the recent past and present. The art is a true showcase of the beauty and mythology of Celtic lore from ancient Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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