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Ian O’Conall has long maintained the peace between theword of men and ‘Ao Si’ (the faerie folk of the land), as bearers of the powerful Crown of the Stag.The Crown gives the bearer a bond with the faerie folk and builds a powerful union with them. Thchieftain  of Clan O’Conall , Ardan, has long been the keeper of the crown and with it built peace and security, and helped form a united front against evil.

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Disguising as foreign queen, Coaranach, aka. “The Mother of Demons” managed to fool chief arden into letting her inside his town. Aided by her infernal allies, The Nukelavee, Balor the Formarian and the vampiric Dearg-Due Clan O’Crubeens, Coaranach succeeded in stealing the crown.

However for the Crown of the stag to grant full powers to its new bearer, the previous bearer must die. As the batte for the life of the chief tuned in favor of Coaranach and her evil spirits, the clan’s druid, Bannock, gave his life to cast a powerful spell of last resort: Engulfing the chief in a magical column of fire that protected him from his assailants for a limited length of time.

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Without the crown of the Stag, the life of chief will end once the fire spell runs out and the power of the crown will pass to its new keeper, the Mother of Demons, who has sworn to destroy all mortal-kind.

It’s up to the 3 children of the chieftan Kilcannon the warrior, Clappshot the archer and Haggish the brute, to defeat Coaranach, regain the Crown of the Stag and save their father.

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-The Soldier-

The Battle hardened, highly decorated and heroic soldier. He has adventured far and wide, fought in countless battles for foreign rulers, never lost an encounter with man or beast. The consumate warrior, he is unflappable in the face of extreme odds, and uses both deadly skills and intelligent action to win the day

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-The Archer-

renowned and respected from the warrior calns of the Arid south to the barbarian clans of the mountanious north. A brilliant tactician with the uncanny ability to slip into dangerous environments, make precision strikes, and slink out again without being seen. No one is safe if they have committed crimes against innocents. Calppshot will face them and leave with another notch to her belt.

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-The Brute-

The powerful rogue of the highlands, with an unmatched strength, and courage as deep as the oceans. Women sing tales of his arms, strong as mighty oaks, his flaming red hair, bright like the blood of the monsters he has crushed. With his mad courage there is no foe he backs down from

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-The Chieftan-

  Father of Kilcannon, Haggish and Clappshot, Chief Ardan has upheld the Clan O’Conall way and kept just a peaceful existence between faerie folk and mortal men. Now an old man he is concerned with which of his three children to choose as the next Protector of Peace.

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-The Witch-

The mother of demons, she is the most powerful, and amongst the eldest ancient creatures in the land of the truce that led mortals and Aos Si live peacefullly, she has been plotting for hundreds of years for the right time to take the Crown of Stag and create a world under her supreme dominion.